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Optimising your security and your good work:
Safety & Security that enables your operations.

Field Experienced.
Academically Qualified.

Penny and Adam, tCeti's founders, have over three decades of experience working in developing regions and insecure contexts from Afghanistan to Sudan.

They have Masters' degrees in Public Health and Risk & Disaster Management and a post-grad diploma and certificate in adult education. They are published in risk management journals e.g.:
Cultural Theory and Acceptance-Based Security Strategies for Humanitarian Aid Workers

Engaging and Interactive

tCeti facilitators are all experienced adult educators utilising a variety of pedagogical techniques: Case studies, videos, group work, quizzes, online material, sophisticated models, the list goes on...
We ensure participants are fully engaged, sharing their own thoughts and experiences and encouraging them to look at issues from multiple perspectives.

"One of the best case studies I had during the degree"
- James Cook University, Masters in Public Health student

Non-traumatic Experiential

Here at tCeti we understand that adults learn by doing so we incorporate a lot of experiential training in our modules. However, overly realistic simulations (e.g. being kidnapped) can be traumatic in themselves. We take first do no harm seriously. That's why tCeti experiential training is non-traumatic yet maximises the learning objectives.

"It was great how interactive it was and with a good sense of humour"
- Medecins Sans Frontieres field volunteer

We Work With You

tCeti delivers high-quality training customised that meet your needs and your budget. We know that each organisation has their own unique risk culture and adapt our trainings to that. For maximum efficiency and cost-savings, tCeti delivers training at your location.

"Adam spent time in advance working with me to develop a workshop tailored to my organisation and our team needs"
- Paul McPhun, General Director, MSF-Australia

Full Support

tCeti isn't just training. We help you optimise your safety and security through a range of services. We can:

  • Help you develop security policies and procedures that suit your organisational risk culture
  • Constructively audit safety and security in the field, including compliance, make practical recommendations and and develop real-time training
  • Perform pre-deployment risk assessments


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