James Cook University 2012 & 13

  • Participants: Masters of Public Health students / Refugee Health Module

  • Time: One-day

  • Methodology: Mixed classroom; A/V, plenary debate, group work, role play, and lecture

  • Objectives:

    • Personal safety and security during the provision of humanitarian assistance

    • Evaluating the safety culture of the deploying organisation

Participants’ Response

• “Really interesting and engaging”
• “Very effective interactive learning”
• “Really enjoyable”
• “Really good lecturer, interaction was so good”
• “Great morning & lots of great practical tips. Engaging too!”
• “Well delivered”
• “Wonderful”
• “Very energetic, good activities”
• “Was a great session! Really enjoyed the interactive parts and content”
• “Great!”

What I liked most:
• “Morning with Adam Childs and all his wit and experience”
• “To know how to care for my well being in a high pressure environment”
• “Adam made things fun”